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Window Washing Tips

Did you know:

You shouldn’t clean windows while they are in direct sunlight. Your cleaning solution will dry too fast.

You should keep the squeegee blade dry by wiping it with a cleaning cloth after each stroke.

You should replace the rubber blade of your squeegee when necessary. The smallest nick in your blade can cause streaking.

You should squeegee in a pattern from top to bottom, or side to side.

When cleaning the inside and outside of your windows, work the top to bottom pattern for inside windows and side to side pattern for outside windows. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify which side of the window any streaks may occur.

If you find the water on the window is muddy looking, the grains of dirt might be catching the rubber when you squeegee. Wash the window again, using extra water to flush the excess dirt from the window.

If you find excess soap and foam in the water, look into your bucket for soap foam. An inch or more is too much. Fill again with clean water.

You may use a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol on French windows. Spray four windows, scrub them, and squeegee. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving nothing to wipe.

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